Ryans Resort

Tel Eng - (0066) 843200279 Thai - (0066) 847561520

Thank you for visiting Ryan’s Resort in order to make your stay more comfortable please read the following resort policy. · A/C   The room has a key card system which operates the electricity when you insert.  Please remove key card and lock your door when not in the room Ryan’s will not be held responsible for any losses.( This also helps the environment by conserving energy). · The key to the front gate is also on your room keys if going out or coming in late outside of working hours please be as quiet as possible as there maybe other guests sleeping. · Opening Hours as follows - Bar opens from 8.00am until 10.00 pm daily, The Kitchen hours are 8.00am until 7.00pm. Last orders for main meals are 18.30pm.                     · The swimming pool is free to staying guests but all outside persons must pay 40B per person.  All persons using the pool must shower first please do not use Creams or Sun tan lotions before entering the pool.        · Your TV has two remote controls one for the TV and one for the satellite box. first press TV on using remote and then press the AV button. You can then use the other remote to change channels. ·         Wi-Fi is available the password can be obtained from behind the bar. · Food and drinks purchased outside are not allowed in the bar or pool area. · No bottles or glasses unless plastic are allowed around the pool area especially not in the pool 10,000 Baht fine if any glass breaks in pool!         No pets are allowed in the resort. Please adhere to these rules at all times and have a pleasant stay.